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Cities:Skylines Wiki, or CSWiki for short, is an open-source wiki for creators and projects and most notably, the lore and stories surrounding them. If you register on this wiki, you will able to create pages for tutorials, info, and write articles of your favourite Cities:Skylines projects or series. Our coverage does not include the game itself, not any mods. Our sole purpose is to house a platform for people to document the stories and lore behind their favourite public projects within the game of Cities:Skylines.


C:SWiki started in the first half of 2018 over on Referata as a wiki specifically for articles surrounding the Springwood project by Two dollars twenty. This wiki started out with a much broader coverage than it has today, covering topics like specific modifications to the game and the game's APIs. The original wiki was led by SimonRyr and Trainer, who were later joined by Wauteurz and JoshA20. Trainer distanced himself from the project quickly.

During the late winter and early spring of 2019, Referata became plagued with malicious hacking, which proved an issue to the original wiki. This is why, in May of that year, the two remaining system operators decided to move to a self-hosted platform on wiki-basis, taking along and modifying the content on the original wiki to fit the new platform. The move was announced in May and was opened to the public at the start of the following month. This move also limited the amount of content that would be hosted on the wiki, removing mod, asset and API coverage from the wiki altogether.