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Information  The content of this article is based on fictional information, not actual data.
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Canifrina state flag.

Canifrina, (sometimes misspelled as Canifrinia) is a state on the pacific west coast of the United States. Its capital is Sacromenta, and largest city is Springwood with a population over 4 million. Its largest counties are Arrowhead, Freeburg, Springwood County, Marble Mountain county, and Calavera. Canifrina has its own time zone: UTC-8,5.


Cities and towns

Pop. Name County Type
4,343,121 Springwood Springwood City
1,637,776 Sacromenta Freeburg City
829,185 Montana Marble Mountain City
104,185 Calavera Beach Calavera City
75,916 Mountaincrest Freeburg City
19,639 Arrowhead Junction Arrowhead City
12,610 Copper Falls Marble Mountain City
9,140 Zamora Arrowhead City
7,326 New Australia Freeburg Town
2,631 San Ronx Freeburg Town
2,152 Sierra Verde Marble Mountain Town
1,247 Lone Arrowhead Town
847 Sabine Marble Mountain Town
592 Apache Springs Arrowhead Town
542 Pikaloy Freeburg Town
426 Lakeland Springs Marble Mountain Town
277 Chinchilla Marble Mountain Town
105 The Crossings Marble Mountain Town


The state's capital is Sacromenta

Canifrina is organised into three branches of government, consisting of the Executive branch, consisting of the Governor and the other independently elected constitutional officers; the Legislature Branch consisting of two elected lower and upper legislative houses, the House of Representatives, and the Senate; and the Judicial branch consisting of the Supreme Court of Canifrina and lower courts.

The Executive

The Executive branch consists of the Governor of Canifrina, and five other elected constitutional officers: the Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Comptroller and the State Treasurer.

Executive Office Office Holder Political Party Assumed Office
Governor Yvonne Hoskins Democratic January 1979
Lieutenant Governor Gary Brown Democratic January 1979
Attorney General Thomas Kaustabaun Democratic May 1977
Secretary of State Catherine Cortez Democratic January 1979
State Comptroller Robert Hope Democratic July 1982
State Treasurer Patrick O'Halle Democratic January 1979

The Legislature