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Crumbs McGee
Youtuber and Streamer
YouTube Crumbs McGee Crumbs McGee
Twitter Crumbs McGee Crumbs McGee
Steam Workshop Crumbs McGee Crumbs McGee
Twitch Crumbs McGee Crumbs McGee
Language(s) spoken English
Real life location Guernsey
Real life occupation Pushback Tug Operator

Crumbs McGee is a British Cities: Skylines YouTuber based in Guernsey. Crumbs McGee started YouTube December 26th, 2016 under the name Crumbs McGee, however, his original user (as seen on Reddit) is MrBowdn

YouTube channel format

Crumb's videos tend to be <10 minutes long, and surround Cities: Skylines speed builds. Crumb's also releases videos of himself driving around his home island, although he also has videos of his trip to America and his trip across England.

Style of content

Crumb's typical video starts with one to two minutes of cinematics of the build featured in the video. This is accompanied by music. After the cinematics are over, the video changes to the creation of the featured build sped up. It is accompanied by quiet, instrumental music, and commentary by crumbs about what he is doing, what inspired him, and what the build is. The order does vary. Lastly, the video closes out with instrumental music and all cinematics from the build.



Crumbs started Youtube in later December, with his first video: Cities Skylines: Rousse Island - Harbour (EP 1).

Early 2017

Crumbs continued his Rousse Island series until February 18th, 2017. His content then changed to building small areas such as interchanges, plazas, etc. At this point, Crumbs was around 120 subscribers. His first video to start Crumbs' major growth period was Cities Skylines: Diverging Diamond Interchange build. The video was featured on the Cities_PDX twitter page.



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