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Dan Geoghegan
Born: Daniel Comerford Geoghegan

May 27, 1987 (age 32) Westport,CT,USA

Hight: 6 ft 3 in (191cm)
Weight: 84kg
Eye: Brown
Residence: Callaway Beach Hill,Montana,CA,USA
Citizenship: USA (1987)

Ireland (1987) Canada (2008) France (2009)

Education: Lincoln School,

University of Montana

Occupation: Real Estate Broker,Architect,Chef,

Investor,Actor,TV Personality,Photographer.

Net Worth: $87,500,000
Parent(s) Bill Geoghegan,

Margaret White

Awards: Pritzker Prize ,

Green Planet Architecture Award,USAY (4)

Foundations: Aware Foundation

Happy Foundation

Daniel Comerford Geoghegan (born May 28, 1988) is an American real estate broker, architect and author. He currently owns D.G Properties and Dan Geoghegan Architects. Daniel Geoghegan recently built and sold the 291ft(56m) 1 Montana Tower for $43,000,000, he then gave a large portion of it to various different causes and charities. Such as the Happy Foundation.

Daniel Geoghegan was born in Westport,Connecticut on the morning of the 27th of May, 1987. He grew up Greenwich,Connecticut with both his parents and his younger brother and sister (Odhran and Lucy).The family house was a 14,000ft mansion on 7 acres,Oodhran (Dan's brother) now lives in the house which is estimated to be worth $4,950,000.While living in Greenwich, Dan found his true passion,architecture."He spent hours at a time drawing buildings nearly everyday day" said Dan's parents.

When Dan was only turned 14 his career got a kickstart.While doodling one summer evening at the kitchen table he noticed that sun didn't shine on each part of the table evenly,not only that but the sun was casting an 'unethical' shadow at the doorway to the breakfast room! Dan thought about this and the more he thought the more confident he was that every doorway should have a statement, a personality, so that when passing through one would fully know that their passing through not just walking.This sparked many more thoughts that eventually got so on his mind he decided to write to the architects of the house pointing out all the faults in the house (no too many) and showing with the aid of drawings how to fix them.Not long after the architect wrote back asking Dan to fully draw and plan a house and he will build itand see what it would be like as a challange .It sold for $13m to the Rockerfeller's.

News got around that the Hamptons holiday home of the Rockefeller's was designed by a 14 year old. The Rockefeller family wrote an article in an architecture magazie saying "this house is absolutely perfect,homely enough to be a retreat but 'cool' enough to entertain guests.There is also a quite satisfaction of just living in meticulously thought out rooms." Dan said that much inspiration and guidelines came from the book 'Patterns of Home' which in Dan's opinion is the best book written by mankind!

When Dan turned 18 he decided to attend the University of Montana in Califrina to persue his dreams of being an architect. He earned straight As in every subject he took, he worked part time as a local architect's assistant in a large building company that went bankrupt a few weeks after Dan joined.