Fluxtransport Flight 543

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Fluxtransport Flight 543 (also known as FT543) was a regularly scheduled passenger flight operated by Fluxtransport from FBS Airport in Freeburg county. On January 18, 2006, the airliner operating on the route crashed due to ice ingestion. All 246 passengers and 12 crew on board were killed.


On January 18, 2006, Fluxtransport Flight 543 pushed back from gate D41 at FBS Airport, with 258 souls on board. In the cockpit was 54-year-old Jake Lewis, the senior pilot with over 16000 flight hours. With him were 26-year-old Irene Locus and 27-year-old Alex Koppen, both with 3 years experience. At 3:39 AM, the flight was cleared for takeoff on arrival at the airport's Runway 5. Once the plane was in air, F/O Locus set the autopilot. At 9:01 AM, with the temperature at only 2 F, 31 Miles NW of Marble Mountain, F/O Locus went to rest, and relief officer Koppen took over. At about 9:20 AM, while over Copper Falls, the engines are believed to have caught fire due to ice ingestion. By the time the pilots noticed, the engines exploded, causing the plane to lose control and bank right towards Marble Mountain. The plane crashed into Marble Mountain at 9:33 AM at 770 miles per hour. Swiss Airlines Flight 95, which was in the vicinity, told nearby Springwood ARTCC that they saw an airplane crash into the Mountain 10 miles to their 12 o'clock. Several other pilots confirmed this event. The sleepy town of Copper Falls was immediately woken up by a loud thud, followed by a fireball. Witnesses reported seeing what seemed to be either a KLM or Fluxtransport A330 slam into the mountain. All 258 on board likely perished instantly.