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Internal links are links that direct the reader to other pages on a wiki. When clicking an internal link, the reader will not be moved out of the current wiki site. An overview of these links can be found below. All of these may be used on the wiki.

Description You type You get Where to use
Internal links.
Internal link
[[Main Page]]
Main Page Any namespace
Internal piped link
[[Main Page|Homepage]]

All internal links can be piped. External links can be piped, but the pipe is replaced with a space in that case.

Homepage Any namespace
Internal link with pipe trick

Pipe tricks work on all internal links with a prefix.

RecentChanges Any namespace
Internal word-ending link
Helping Any namespace
Internal outed-out word-ending link
[[Help]]<nowiki>ful advise</nowiki>
Helpful advise Any namespace
#REDIRECT[[Main Page]]

See also: Help:Welcome,_newcomers!#Redirects

width=30pxMain Page Any namespace, but redirects in mainspace shouldn't redirect to other namespaces unless an exception is made.
Internal link to paragraph
[[#HTML tags]]
#HTML tags Any namespace
Internal link to paragraph on another article
Springwood#Transportation Any namespace
Internal link to subpage
[[Main Page/example]]
Main Page/example Namespaces where subpages are allowed (for now, only the Help-namespace applies)
Internal link to category
Any namespace but mainspace
Internal link to local media file
[[:File:CS Creators logo.png]]
[[:File:CS Creators logo.png|]]
File:CS Creators logo.png
CS Creators logo.png
Any namespace but mainspace