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Plunge forward!

Being a wiki, C:SCreators depends on the community to document knowledge about your favourite Cities:Skylines projects. We therefore expect you to plunge forward into the tasks of authoring, editing and illustrating articles. You can edit any article on the wiki, and we hope that you do so. We need your knowledge, experience, talent and attention to be useful.

Plunging forward means:

  • Being assertive. Your knowledge and experience count! Do not worry about not being good (enough). We want your help no matter what.
  • Experimenting. There's really no permanent damage you can do to the wiki. If you mess something up, then others will come along and fix it.
  • Doing what's OK right now. Your articles do not have to be perfect, nor do we expect them to be. Simply make a quick outline if your thing of interest isn't documented yet. Someone else or you yourself will come along in the future and add onto it. That is, after all, how a wiki works!
  • Ignoring authority. You have as much right to add, change or improve upon anything you see as anyone else. You do not have to ask, just do it, in most cases, it's fine!

So plunge forward! You'll enjoy it!

...But don't be reckless!

Don't be afraid of making mistakes, but at the same be aware that there are a small number of cases where you might find that your edit receives extra scrutiny, or may be undone by others:

  • Changes in policy. Pages in the C:SCreators and to some extent pages in the Help namespace represent agreed-upon consensus of the community, so non-trivial changes should be discussed on the policy's talk page first.
  • Changes to high visibility articles. An article like Springwood, or any of the popular project articles, is the result of potentially thousands of edits by hundreds of users, so edits to these articles will receive more scrutiny than those made to less prominent articles.
  • Changes to hierarchy. A lot of effort goes into keeping the wiki organised. Changes to hierarchy should always follow our format. If they can't or if you think they shouldn't, then discus this at the appropriate talk page first.
  • Controversial content. We are a wiki, and wiki's document information, not opinions. Though we are largely based upon fiction rather than facts, we do appreciate if you'd not add things that may differ from one person to another.

While everyone is encouraged to plunge forward, if someone else undoes your change you can view the article's history and there will usually be an explanation in the edit summary to indicate why the change was undone. If you still don't understand, ask for clarification on the article's talk page.

Where to start?

It may be a bit difficult to find where you should start. If you're not wanting to learn everything about wikitext or this wiki, then you might want to look at the following categories containing articles that have been marked as needing help in the form of backstory, images, logos or other forms of attention. Haven't found a starting point yet? Short articles can always use some help.