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Welcome to the C:S Wiki!
The free Cities:Skylines community encyclopedia.

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Changes to account creation. Due to ongoing spamming of this wiki, we had to make some changes to how accounts get created and requested. Nothing changes for you if you already have an account. If you do not, and wish for an account to edit on this wiki, then you can no longer do this independently. Instead, contact with a request for an account. In this, define your desired username. Should you not express a preference, your email handle will be used instead.

Because this is a manual process on our side, some time may elapse before you get granted your account. We apologize for this measure, but it is deemed necessary to prevent automated mass spam attacks to this wiki.

Our apologies for the inconvenience,
- C:S Wiki staff

Marble Mountain
New Windsor
Little France
Springwood (Legacy project)
The Cities:Skylines Wiki, or CSWiki for short, is an open-source wiki for creators and projects and the lore and stories surrounding them. If you register on this wiki, you will able to express your creativity in the form of lore, info and histories.

There is also a collection of creators, and they can be found on each corresponding page. Youtubers is a list of all Cities:Skylines YouTubers. Streamers is a list of all Cities: Skylines livestreamers, and Creators is a list of all mod and asset creators.

Ongoing projects Plunge forward! Statistics
Marble Mountain (series) two dollars twenty
New Windsor (series) Pres
Builds (series) Crumbs McGee
Project Monaco PugGaming
Nydal (series) Strictoaster
Arndorf (series) Skibitth
Cities Skylines: Mars (series) Citywokcitywall
New Vooper (series) Spike Viper
Littletown (series) Sanctum Gamer

Missing anything? You can expand this list by plunging forward!

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Request and suggest future wiki pages.

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Request for deletion of wiki content.
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