Marble Mountain Correctional Facility

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Information  The content of this article is based on fictional information, not actual data.
Marble Mountain Correctional Facility
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The facility near Plaquemine swamp
City Sabine, Canifrina

Status Operational
Classification Minimum–Maximum
Capacity 2,000
Population 1,854 (2018)
Opened February, 1988
Managed by Canifrina Department of Corrections
Warden Mitchell Lax

Located outside of Sabine near the Plaquemine Swamps serves the region and houses inmates that have been sentenced to serve terms over one year. This prison accounts for all of the Marble Mountain's prison capacity, except for inmates in Montana Police department custody.


Marble Mountain Correctional Facility was opened in 1988 serving the city of Sabine. The prison had a small capacity of 250 inmates. After crime spikes in the 1990s, plans to upgrade Marble Mountain Correctional Facility began to be drawn up. When the Turf Wars began in 2000, the main prison in Montana began to become outdated and run down. As the city of Montana became larger, the Canifrina Department of Corrections wrote a bill to close the Montana City Prison and upgrade the Marble Mountain Correctional Facility. The bill was passed in the 2000 election. The Marble Mountain Correctional Facility sent all 221 inmates to Montana City Prison while the prison started renovations. In March of 2001, the Marble Mountain Correctional Facility was demolished and work started on the new facility. In July of 2003, the prison accepted its first transfer of 200 minimum security from Montana City Prison. Later in December, Marble Mountain Correctional Facility received its last transfer of inmates from Montana City Prison, and the facility closed. The closure of Montana City Prison meant that Marble Mountain Correctional Facility was the only Correctional Facility in the county.

Prison Information

  • Main Complex - This area of the prison is where intake, solitary, and offices and located. The medical ward is also located directly behind the entrance.
  • Minimum Security - 4 wings of Minimum Security are located on the right side of the main complex, the 4 wings can hold 300 inmates each. These wings have access to yards A and B.
  • Regular Security - 1 wing of Regular security is located just to the left of the main complex. The wing can hold 200 inmates and has a direct connection to yard C which has a basketball court and baseball field.
  • Maximum Security - 1 wing of Maximum security is located next to the regular security. This wing is currently under renovation and only has 14 cells in use. Marble Mountain Correctional Facility only has 9 maximum-security inmates right now which makes it perfect for renovations.

Notable Inmates

Current Inmates

  • Jean Hobby - Convicted of Attempting to Hijack 2 Metro trains. He has served 2 out of 20 years in Maximum Security
  • Kenta Joy - Convicted of conspiracy to commit Murder for Hire, he was arrested after he used a fake ID at a liquor store,
    He has currently served 9 out of 31 years.

Past Inmates

  • Joe Casurn - Convicted of trying to break into Montana City Hall to burn all the court case records, ended up telling an undercover police
    officer about his actions in the county, arrested on the spot.
  • Karren Youklo - Convicted of trying to breaking into Pier 3 to steal the fin from a great white shark that was brought in.
  • Shlya Monra - Wrongfully convicted of trying to steal 571k that was robbed, ended up serving 29 years before Trystan Beglna came clean
  • Trystan Beglna - Falsely imprisoned Shyla Monra for 29 years over 571k gone missing in a heist. Was transferred to FBI in 2017 for investigation.