Marble Mountain Rescue Helicopter Service

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Information  The content of this article is based on fictional information, not actual data.
Marble Mountain Rescue Helicopter Service
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City Montana surrounding areas
Service Area Marble Mountain County, Canifrina
Members 275
Aerial Service Chief Aliza Monroe
Stations 3
Founded 1999

The Marble Mountain Rescue Helicopter Service is responsible for fighting fires inaccessible by land and rescuing trapped and or injured persons in locations inaccessible to land vehicles. The MMRHS' headquarters are in downtown Montana with 3 other heli-stations dotted around the county. The service was founded in 1999 after the Red Thursday forest fires that killed 2 people and burned through 100 acres of rural/forest land in just 2 days before being contained. The MMRHS has lost 1 helicopter and all 5 of her crew on the 12th of February during the 2014 Earthquakes, as the helicopter landed to pick up injured civilians an aftershock hit, causing the crumbling building beside them to collapse. The helicopter was able to get away in time to then crash into the mountains due to dust intake on their was to the Montana City Hospital. The service currently has 275 members. The livery on the helicopters is a white nose, gold midsection and red tail. The service has 24 helicopters, 48 pilots 69 crew members, 101 HQ employees, 54 ground staff and 3 search dogs. There are 3 stations currently, one in Montana, Copper Falls and The Crossings.

Rank Structure

Title Insignia Role
Aerial Service Chief Chief of the Service
Assistant Aerial Service Chief Ass. Chief of the Service
Captain Station Commander
Station Lieutenant Deputy Station Commander
Ground Steff Lieutenant Ground Staff Supervisor
Helicopter Captain Helicopter Crew Supervisor and Pilot
First Helicopter Captain Ass. Helicopter Crew Supervisor and Co-Pilot
Helicopter Crew Sergeant Crew Action Leader
Helicopter Crew Corporal Crew Action Assistant
Crew Member Crew Action Member
Probationary Crew Member None

Flags, Sponsors and Partners

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