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| Mercedes Vito (Paramedic vehicle) || 2019 || 5x
| Mercedes Vito (Paramedic vehicle) || 2019 || 5x
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Medshine Ambulance Services
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Medshine logo, 2011-2020
City Montana

City Montana
Key People Markus Kigerman (CEO)
Company Type Public
Traded As MSE: MASE
Industry Medical Transportation
Founded 1998

Medshine Ambulance Services (MAS) is a medical transportation company that services Marble Mountain County, Canifrina. Owned and Operated by Markus Kigerman, Medshine is the main ambulance service provider for St Theebs Medical Center.


Creation, 1998-2000

Medshine was founded in 1998, with 5x 1998 Ford E350 Super Duty ambulances, servicing the Montana area, with a base at St. Theebs. The early periods of medshine's development were uneventful, the only major incident was an accident with a E350 hitting a bollard pulling out of St. Theebs on June 8th, 1999.

Development, 2001-2018

In 2001, Medshine received 6x 2001 Ford Econoline E350 Type 2 ambulances. In 2009, 12x 2009 Chevrolet Express 3500 were received, greatly expanding capacity and fleet capabilities, allowing for a greater reach and lower wait times. In 2011, the company got a full rework, with a new logo, livery, and the selling of all older ford Ambulances with replacement 12x Chevrolet Expresses, totaling 24 ambulances, allowing for expansion into Copper Falls and servicing Copper Falls Medical Clinic. On March 15th 2013, the 2013 Derailing Incident occurred killing 3 and seriously injuring 15 With Medshine's lack of training showing through as long response times aggravated certain conditions, though it wasn't to the point of death., On February 12th, 2014, the 2014 Earthquakes was one of the most eventful moments in Medshine's history, with only one person not reaching the hospital in an ambulance, with 50 injuries and 3 total fatalities (2 instant, 1 in transit).

Today, 2019-now

In 2019 Medshine's aging fleet got a revamp, with Mercedes vehicles being used (current fleet detailed below.)


Vehclie Year Ammount
Mercedes Sprinter (Type II) 2019 22x
Mercedes Sprinter (Type III) 2019 12x
Mercedes Vito (Paramedic vehicle) 2019 5x