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New Windsor is a city in the Northeast United States. The metropolitan area is commonly known as the Belfast/New Windsor metro area after the regions two largest cities; New Windsor, the most populous city in the state, and its neighbor to the east Belfast, the state capital. It is an example of twin cities in the sense of geographical proximity. Both cities share an international airport.



Hawking University

Hawking University is a private Ivy League research university in New Windsor, New England, Hawking is a highly residential research university.The university has been accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges since 1931 and offers 50 undergraduate concentrations (majors), 132 graduate degrees, and 35 professional degrees

Hawking was founded on August 12, 1880, as Canal Normal School by Isaac Cottle, a New England businessman and Walter Nettles, a local entrepreneur. The school transformed from a normal school, to a school focused on providing educational opportunities in the "practical arts and sciences" for women and men of all backgrounds in 1883, and changed its name too Cottle & Nettles College. The first five graduates of Cottle & Nettles College received their degrees in 1887. The university's identity has been and to this day, held constant as a privately controlled, non-sectarian, coeducational center of higher learning, distinguished by a commitment to practical education and hands-on experience in an occupational setting. The school set new records of giving to the institution for two years in a row (1889-1890).Despite this, Cottle & Nettles College faced financial and enrollment challenges which led to academic budget cuts for the 1891–1892 academic year. In 1893, Alden Schotts, a wealthy commodity merchant in the UK before moving to America, saved the school from financial ruin by purchasing the school from Cottle and Nettles and became the schools president.

Schotts, had been taught by Hannah Hawking, the paternal great-grandmother of Stephen Hawking the famed theoretical physicist and cosmologist whom is most associated with Hawking University today. Hannah Hawking saved her immediate family from financial ruin by opening a school in the home of her, and her husband, John Hawking. John, was wealthy man from Yorkshire, England, over-extended himself buying farm land and then went bankrupt in the Great Depression of British Agriculture. He's also the paternal great-grandfather of Stephen.

Schotts was schooled by Hannah Hawking, and credited her for much of his success. He named the university in her honor in 1893. Schotts stated "To the much of the world outside, she is not known…But it becomes my duty to introduce you to such expert." Between 1896 and 1961, Hawking University awarded more than 720 PhDs and more than 3000 masters degrees to women alone. Stephen Hawking begin working alongside the university of his families namesake in 1964 shorty after he publicly challenged the work of Fred Hoyle and his student Jayant Narlikar at a lecture in June 1964. He was granted dual enrollment at both University of Cambridge and Hawking University to study and write a thesis on Roger Penrose's theorem of a spacetime singularity in the centre of black holes, working alongside world renowned Hawking University professor, Arturo KrollIn in 1970, Hawking and Kroll postulated what became known as the second law of black hole dynamics, that the event horizon of a black hole can never get smaller. He proposed the four laws of black hole mechanics, drawing an analogy with thermodynamics.

Hawking held a senior post at both Cambridge and Hawking in 1975 although he rarely traveled to New Windsor due to his ALS. When he did, he traveled by private jet due to the necessary medical accommodations needed. Stephen Hawking became a pop culture icon and globally renowned figure in the world of science. Having been featured across multiple mediums he's become synonymous with the University that bares his surname.

University of New Windsor