Project Monaco

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Project Monaco
Youtube Series
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Project Monaco.
Author PugGaming
YouTube link Project Monaco Project Monaco
Launching Date December 15th, 2017
Language English

Project: Monaco is a YouTube series and map project created by PugGaming in collaboration with more than 30 asset creators and modders. The aim is to completely recreate real-life Monaco in Cities:Skylines.

Series history

List of Collaborators

The list of collaborators is not full yet.


Ep. № Episode title Duration Date uploaded Content and notes
01 Map Reveal with MrMiyagi 32:07 January 2nd, 2018
02 Port Hercules 30:49 January 18th, 2017
03 Custom Harbour Buildings 33:36 February 1st, 2018
04 Let the Plopping begin! 31:15 February 24th, 2018
05 Port Detailing 24:10 March 7th, 2018
06 Custom Slopes and Stairs 30:53 April 12th, 2018
07 Yacht Club de Monaco 21:31 April 19th, 2018
08 Boat Club 25:16 April 26th, 2018
09 Custom Ferry Lines 23:10 May 4th, 2018
10 Foundations 21:38 May 12th, 2018
11 La Condamine 28:43 May 20th, 2018
12 Apartments 31:18 July 14th, 2018
 Download the Project Monaco map on the Steam Workshop
 Download the Project Monaco map theme on the Steam Workshop
 Download the Project Monaco LUT on the Steam Workshop
 Download the Project Monaco Mod and Asset Collection on the Steam Workshop