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That Bloke Will is an Australian university student in Adelaide, studying Aviation and training for his commercial pilot license. He is heavily involved in the wiki community and has worked on many pages in the Springwood, Marble Mountain, Arrowhead Junction and Osahra scene. Passionate for commercial aviation, he is also interested in heavy industry and transportation/infrastructure; which is probably evident in the pages hes worked on!

Below is contact info and a list of pages worked on by That Bloke Will (only pages that have had significant edits and contributions to are included).

My preferred method of contact is my talk page. If that doesn't suit your needs, give me a message on Two Dollars Twenty's discord wiki channels!
Talk Page:User_talk:That Bloke Will

That Bloke Will's wiki edit list:
Pages That Bloke Will has created
Air Springwood

Air Springwood Flight 77

Air Springwood Flight 1228


Anzus Building

Calto Plaza

CGL Energy

Chester Hill gas explosion

Chinchilla Airfield

Chupna Airlines

Lakeland Springs Regional Airport

Lewis Johnson

Marble Transportation Group

Montana Convention Center


Triad Tower

Volcex Energy

William Campbell
Pages That Bloke Will has contributed to
Bank of Montana


Eureka Music Group

Marble Stock Exchange‎‎

Montana Metro

Montana Sugar


Vesta Tower