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Yxng Ice

Jakari Thomas (Born March 5th, 1997) professionally known as Yxng Ice is an American rapper from Chester a lower-income suburb of Montana. Originally known Young Sellout, he released four mixtapes under his name. Pure Ice (2013), I didn't F-ing ask (2013), Oil Fields (2014), and Depressed (2014). He changed his stage name to Yxng Ice in 2015 because in his words "I put some ice in my freezer, I just bought it and thought of the word young. I just combined both names together. I know it's weird but that is literally how I thought of the name."

Rise in fame

Yxng Ice became popular in 2018 with his debut studio album "'Only Heat which reached 5th on the US Hip Hop and R&B chart and 2nd on the US Top 100.